Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I believe this is consumed and sold more than Colonel Sander's fried chicken meals. We retain it as gold and spread it rampantly to others. More contagious than the big disease with a little name. We receive phone calls about it and allow friends and family members to recite its hypnotic words into our ears without any protection or warning. This horrible outbreak that I am informing you of today is "STUPIDITY". Unfortunately there is no cure for this awful disease, because lately it seems to be attacking everyone around me regardless of race, gender, or age. It seems to seep under door ways, through cracks in the foundation, and the holes on the sides of our heads. The dribble that comes out of people's mouths after they are infected with this disease is astounding: "I LOVE HIM" , "I WANT TO BUY SOMETHING WITH NO MONEY", "I'M TRYING TO DO ME". What the hell is society coming to when we think that this dumb ass behavior is acceptable? Why do others around these stupid folks won't shake some sense into the affected party? Lately this stupid plague has gone onto another level which is above my parameters of understanding. Am I the stupid one? I do understand we should find and do the things that make us happy and rewarded, but its my observation that society feels that living above our means and chasing "THE ONE" that doesn't want us is happiness......WRONG!!! The stupid ones feel that it is acceptable to push your children by the wayside to pursue their dreams to find their bliss.....WRONG AGAIN!!!! Selfishness also seems to be one of the symptoms to the stupidity and also being an extreme opportunist. Not caring about the others around them that matters gets pushed to the background, but only gets recognition if it benefits the diseased stupid person. Slowly but surely I have started distancing myself from the "STUPID ONES", because I have noticed that I started to feel some side effects. The effects have include, but not limited to chronic headaches, sucking of teeth, head scratching, blank stares, and occasional itching of ass (that's the worse!). So I feel the best cure or prevention of "STUPIDITY" is to eliminate the "STUPID ONES" completely from my diet, read some books (good for building back vocabulary and intellect), go to some museums or plays, and maybe listen to some classical music. More importantly if you have kids please take the time to immerse them in culture, positivity, and love. This may help them build up a tolerance against "STUPIDITY". This disease is not a joke. Its dangerous and is slowly allowing our culture and society to become a thing of the past. Intelligence and common sense is rampantly spiralling into extinction. So cover your heads or close your ears, close your doors, and don't answer your phones because the "STUPID ONES" are out to get you!

Monday, January 31, 2011


I just posted today that "IT MUST BE GREAT BEING THE FUN PARENT". I say this with strong sarcasm in my voice and a pissed off look in my face. It must be wonderful to fly down on your magic pony with gifts under both arms every two weeks. Miss out on special occasions and major milestones in their children's life is OK, but as long as their shopping involved you're the best. But the "REAL PARENT" is always here to kiss the boo-boos, check the homework, whoop ass, and be the cheerleader all in one! You may think I am jealous of you "FUN PARENT", but the "REAL PARENT" would appreciate it if you could just step your game up. I'm not talking about more financial contributions, but more parental involvement. Could you please show up for a couple of parent conferences so you may get acquainted with your child's teacher. Could you please be there to clap in the audience at performances and assemblies, so your child may see that you give a damn!. Could you please pick a phone up between the time you come and see them so you may know whats going on in their lives (because kids are people too!). Parenting a child involves more than money, gifts, and junk food, but it also involves discipline, compassion, and teaching. You have to realize "FUN PARENT" you may have divorced the ex, but the kids should not suffer, and your guilt can not be shielded with sugary bribes and brightly covered bows. You have to back up the "REAL PARENT" and show an united front on raising the kids. Showing them that you both care and just want the best for them when you fuss at them about bad grades or their unsavory behavior. Just remember this " FUN PARENT" that the children do grow up and will remember who was in the stands cheering, at the doctor's office holding their hand, chaperoning the field trip, helping with book reports, etc, etc, etc. Endless things that us "REAL PARENTS" do on a daily basis effortlessly without reward or accolades, but I say today "CAN THE REAL PARENTS PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!!!!". Stand up "REAL PARENTS" take a bow and let these 'FUN PARENTS" know how its done.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DEAR MR. EX..........

Dear Mr. Ex......Though you may have been out of my life for years, you still tend to reappear in my life like a bad, unwanted rash. As much as I try to delete you out of my mental Rolodex, "BAM" there you are again in the most awkward situations. Now don't get me wrong, everything that we shared wasn't all bad, but you are an ex for a reason. We started picture perfect, like a beautiful tan on a beautiful beach, but even sitting in the sun too long can lead to cancer. That's what you turned into...Cancer. Taking over and invading parts of me, consuming me with ugly tumors that only I could see. Dealing with them for a lengthy time spam, because for some reason I thought that I deserved it. Even out of something ugly, there can be beauty......the one we made together and you denied, but that's OK, because it was a wonderful parting gift. And that's what I had to do....part ways and pretend that you did not death. But just like a ghost, a spirit of some sort you rise back in my life and haunt me with heartache, hurt, and insanity. This is why I decided to gather all these thought and feeling that have been racing through my head sense the last time we crossed paths. Therefore I say to you Mr.Ex I am officially through with you and the pain that you to bring every time we meet. The thoughts of you makes my stomach ache and the gastric liquids to burn the back of my throat. You're not allowed to haunt me, taunt me, or take anything else from me.......Everything that I have is mine and I won't let you back again. I have taken my hearty dose of therapy to rid me of the toxins that tried to kill me, but I'm still here loving, living, and liking the woman I have grown up to be. I don't wish you harm, but blessings, because without that I won't be able to strive in my growth. Finally as the great Chris Brown so eloquently stated "Deuces"!...........Sincerely Ms.Ex

Is This a New Year?

........HAPPY NEW YEAR!?! Im assuming this a new year, but I am unaware because stupidity is still growing rampant. The woman with too many kids and still waiting for her "Baby Daddy" to get his shit together. The 50 something brotha waiting on that perfect job while living at home with his parenys, and moochin off of them. Then there is the verbally abusive wife who treats her man like shit when he's only trying to do his best for her. Promiscuous teenage girls giving it up so freely as if they are getting something good on return, besides an itchy crotch! What is so happy about this year so far......Another day, another dollar. Trying to survive in a world that makes no sense what so ever. Confusion sets in as it gets crazier and crazier......GOTS TO DO BETTER!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

What to do?

What to do when your mind tells you to do one thing and your heart tells you to do another? This is the most confusing and the most difficult thing you can face. The heart is supposed to be your guide for love, but for some reason it always steers you in the wrong direction. Then your mind is the most sensible part in this equation, but you tend not to listen to it at all!!! So what do you think you are suppose to do. I would usually have the answer for this and everything else, but this just leaves me stumped and perplexed. Lately predicaments beyond my control have left me in such an emotional stupor that I don't know what I am supposed to do......listen to the heart or the mind? Thinking that my life was in this perpetual bliss and I had nothing to worry about....boy was i so wrong! Everything that I had or have gave me such an artificial safety net, that it has turned me upside down and back around. The confusion that I am facing daily makes my head hurt and my butt itch at the same time....don't know what end to console. Don't really have no one to turn to or confide in, because I am usually the counselor everyone comes to with their bullshit problems and mishaps. No one bothers to ask whats going on in my life that got me so down in the dumps. I guess that is expected when you put up a portrayal of the one who has it all together. I give myself a false sense of a fantasy reality. I guess this blogs intention is just to vent and to let myself know that I can feel again, and I will be all right. To see it written down is like my cheap form of therapy. It's a temporary fix, but I know I am strong enough to hold my own and will be able to know how to find the difference between my heart and my mind.........teaching me to know what to do.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

When you are lost in love.......

What do you do to pull yourself out? In so deep that you can't climb or dig yourself up out of the grave of despair. You claim this is where you want to be, or at least you convince yourself that it is right. But you know deep down in your heart that it is toxic and now you are tainted, and somewhat undesirable. Undesirable to the next one....the one that may reciprocate the same wonderment about what love really is. The one that would get lost with you and won't want to escape. The rapture of the two of you experiencing this "surrender-free" kind of love. So how lost do you have to be in order to be able to release yourself from the bondage of heartache........Just wanted to know.