Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I believe this is consumed and sold more than Colonel Sander's fried chicken meals. We retain it as gold and spread it rampantly to others. More contagious than the big disease with a little name. We receive phone calls about it and allow friends and family members to recite its hypnotic words into our ears without any protection or warning. This horrible outbreak that I am informing you of today is "STUPIDITY". Unfortunately there is no cure for this awful disease, because lately it seems to be attacking everyone around me regardless of race, gender, or age. It seems to seep under door ways, through cracks in the foundation, and the holes on the sides of our heads. The dribble that comes out of people's mouths after they are infected with this disease is astounding: "I LOVE HIM" , "I WANT TO BUY SOMETHING WITH NO MONEY", "I'M TRYING TO DO ME". What the hell is society coming to when we think that this dumb ass behavior is acceptable? Why do others around these stupid folks won't shake some sense into the affected party? Lately this stupid plague has gone onto another level which is above my parameters of understanding. Am I the stupid one? I do understand we should find and do the things that make us happy and rewarded, but its my observation that society feels that living above our means and chasing "THE ONE" that doesn't want us is happiness......WRONG!!! The stupid ones feel that it is acceptable to push your children by the wayside to pursue their dreams to find their bliss.....WRONG AGAIN!!!! Selfishness also seems to be one of the symptoms to the stupidity and also being an extreme opportunist. Not caring about the others around them that matters gets pushed to the background, but only gets recognition if it benefits the diseased stupid person. Slowly but surely I have started distancing myself from the "STUPID ONES", because I have noticed that I started to feel some side effects. The effects have include, but not limited to chronic headaches, sucking of teeth, head scratching, blank stares, and occasional itching of ass (that's the worse!). So I feel the best cure or prevention of "STUPIDITY" is to eliminate the "STUPID ONES" completely from my diet, read some books (good for building back vocabulary and intellect), go to some museums or plays, and maybe listen to some classical music. More importantly if you have kids please take the time to immerse them in culture, positivity, and love. This may help them build up a tolerance against "STUPIDITY". This disease is not a joke. Its dangerous and is slowly allowing our culture and society to become a thing of the past. Intelligence and common sense is rampantly spiralling into extinction. So cover your heads or close your ears, close your doors, and don't answer your phones because the "STUPID ONES" are out to get you!

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